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A Bicycle, an Infection, and a Lie…


(CUSA) – Dishonesty is turning away from God. We call this sin. As Christians we try to fight against the impulse to improve ourselves at the expense of others. This must true personally and politically.


With the current administration, however, sin is not only not rejected it is embraced. The Israelis see this as well. —DNW





On June 4, CIA director Brennan made a secret visit to Israel to meet with Netanyahu and some folks from Mossad.


This sheds some light on Bibi’s curious speech at the Herzliya Conference on June 9, after his meetings with Brennan and Dempsey, a speech from someone who’s had it up to here.


He’d been lied to and lied to and lied to. John Brennan has been described as “A man who lies his ass off.” Martin Dempsey, too, is a stranger to the truth, and certainly lied his ass off when he downplayed the importance of Ramadi falling into ISIS hands. John McCain lambasted him for it. These serial liars, working under the Liar-in-Chief of the United States, were asking Bibi to risk his country’s security on their word.


But, as I said, Bibi wasn’t having any of it, and the crucial take-away from his Herzliya speech was this: We don’t trust you. You’ve betrayed us with Iran, and now you’re planning to betray us at the United Nations.


Having ensured that Iran gets nukes, you will now try to impose a “peace plan” on us, which will ensure that there will be no Israel for Iran to nuke…


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