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CUSA logoCatholicismUSA tries to interpret American life in the light of Christian realism. It emphasizes Catholic Christianity and its rich resources of Faith and tradition.

Most media that deal with society and politics ignore or obscure the moral and spiritual significance of important events. We try to correct this tendency.
In some cases we have been forced to point out evil in its most cruel and monstrous forms. In fact, the deeply evil efforts of the U.S. Government to force people to violate their religious consciences by accepting and paying for abortion drugs was the occasion for the launching of this website.
From time to time we also point out the silliness and shallowness of outspoken public personalities and elected officials, illustrating how foolish we become if we pretend God is not present in our lives.

We began as a sort of news aggregator, collecting headlines from other sources. With the passage of time, we have added our own contributors month by month and now offer a variety of views on current issues from a Christian perspective.
We always appreciate the suggestions of our readers, and invite you to contact us at the bottom of the Home page (“Drop us a line!”). If you think you have something you would like to share with others, please let us know. We are interested in publishing you.
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