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After Obergfell: Expect more not less attacks on the faithful…


(CUSA) – Same sex marriage as a state sanctioned reality has brought out the torches and pitchforks against the Church and it will only get worse as media and government apparatchiks look for new ways to suppress any public expression of Christian Faith. 


But this battle is why we practice the Chistian life in the first place, no? —Ed.



The recent assault on Archbishop Chaput is a taste of what awaits many others.


The useful idiots who insist that, if the bishops of the United States would just retreat from the culture wars, all would be well, are manifesting their ignorance of the requirements of pastoral leadership while unwittingly confessing to a degree of political stupidity that is staggering.


Obergefell has let loose demons, and their name is Legion. Those demons should be fought with compassion, critical intelligence, and blunt honesty about the Church’s own failings.


They should be fought with hearts open to the possibility of conversion on the part of even the most besotted Church-bashers. And they should be fought in full recognition that we all live by the Divine Mercy.


But they must be fought.


Both the Church’s evangelical witness and the future of the American democratic experiment depend on it.


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