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Federal judge song:  “Imagine me as God —I do!…”


(CUSA) – The Bar and Grill Singers, attorneys from Austin, Texas, give their melodic perception of the federal  court system.


Fitting for our recent decisions. Scroll to the bottom for the audio. —Ed.





Imagine me as God, I do

I think about it day and night

It feels so right

To be a federal district judge

And know that I’m

Appointed forever!


I was anointed by the president

A revelation told that I was heaven sent

And Congress in their wisdom granted their consent

Appointed forever!


I’m a federal judge and I’m smarter than you

For all my life!

I can do whatever I want to do

For all my life!


Bring to me discovery

No matter what the issue is

I guarantee

Somebody will be sanctioned as

The penalty

And ther’ll be no error!


My decisions cannot be questioned by you,

I’m always right!

And my wise discretion is never abused

for all my life!


Think of me as royalty

When you appear before me fall

Upon your knees

All knowing and omnipotent

It’s nice to be

Appointed forever!


Even at the very worst

If you decide to take me up

To get reversed

You’ll have to get the circuit court

To hear you first


And that takes forever!


Appointed forever!…

Employed forever!…


Appointed forever!…


For the homepage of The Bar and Grill Singers click here.

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