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Ayn Rand on children’s movies — “A dog cannot pay for spaghetti…”


(CUSA) – Taking Christianity out of Conservative principles gives us human beings as mere economic units.


Last year at the New Yorker, Mallory Ortberg takes this to the absurd by having Ayn Rand review children’s movies. A few examples are precious:



“Lady and the Tramp”

A ridiculous movie. What could a restaurant owner possibly have to gain by giving away a perfectly good meal to dogs, when he could sell it at a reasonable price to human beings? A dog cannot pay for spaghetti, and payment is the only honest way to express appreciation for value. —One star.


“101 Dalmatians”

A wealthy woman attempts to do her impoverished school friend Anita a favor by purchasing some of her many dogs and putting them to sensible use. Her generosity is repulsed at every turn, and Anita foolishly and irresponsibly begins acquiring even more animals, none of which are used to make a practical winter coat. Altruism is pointless. So are dogs. A cat is a far more sensible pet. A cat is objectively valuable. —No stars.


A conservative political philosophy that does not see human beings as children of God gives us modern political liberalism where human life is expendable to fulfill personal desires.


For more laughs check out the rest of the reviews here.





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