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Remembering Benedict XVI on rediscovering your faith: Lent is Spiritual combat…

(CUSA) – Shortly before resigning, Pope Benedict reminded the faithful that Satan doesn’t lead us directly toward evil but toward a false good.

Pope Benedict XVI prayed the Angelus with the faithful in St Peter’s Square this Sunday, the first Sunday of Lent. Tens of thousands of pilgrims were on hand. —Ed.

February 10, 2013


Dear Friends,


In this Year of Faith Lent is a favorable time to rediscover the faith in God as the basic criterion of our life and the life of the Church.
This always involves a struggle – a real spiritual combat – because the spirit of evil that is opposed to our sanctification seeks to throw us off the path that God has set out for us.


For this reason the Church traditionally proclaims the Gospel narrative of Christ’s temptation in the desert on the first Sunday of Lent. The tempter is subtle: he does not push us directly toward evil, but to a false good.


Ultimately, what is at stake in the temptations is faith, in the decisive moments of life, in every moment, we are at a crossroads: do we want to follow the self, or God?
Today we contemplate Christ in the desert, fasting, praying, and being tempted.
As we begin our Lenten journey, we join him and we ask him to give us strength to fight our weaknesses.
Let me also thank you for the prayers and support you have shown me in these days. May God bless all of you!

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