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Bishop Paprocki: Women are told abortion is compassion —this is a lie…


(CUSA) – It is good to be practical and have common sense.


Taken beyond our relationship with God, however, such an attitude turns to Utilitarianism where human beings without useful purpose are “better off dead.” They are told that death is better for them, better for their loved ones and better for society. These are all lies born of selfishness and greed.


Don’t buy it, even if it is the practical thing to do. The Bishop of Springfield tells us how every life is worth living.—Ed.





My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


(CatholicTimes) – In the late 1940s and early 1950s, one of the most popular television shows was hosted by the famous Milton Berle, a comedian and actor who became one of America’s first television stars.


Toward the end of his career, yet while his show was still very popular, another unlikely figure appeared on television on the same night who would surpass Milton Berle in the ratings.


That figure was not a great comedian or an accomplished actor. The host of the new show was a Roman Catholic bishop, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. The format of the show was really quite simple. It involved Bishop Sheen standing at a blackboard, writing and drawing as he spoke about many of the truths of our Catholic faith. The show was remarkably popular and even won an Emmy Award.


The reason I bring this up is because the title of Bishop Sheen’s television program is very similar to the theme that has been chosen for this year’s observance of October as Respect Life Month in the church. The title of the show was Life is Worth Living. In a book with the same name, the bishop begins by posing the question: “Is life worth living?”


His answer to that question was simple, yet profound at the same time. He said that life was worth living only if life has a goal and a purpose. If life has this, then life is indeed worth living.


During this Respect Life Month, we are invited to recognize that “every life is worth living” because every life has a goal and a purpose. The goal of every human life is that each of us has been created to live forever in the glory of Heaven.


God has willed, in his love, for each and every life to come into existence and to be with him in eternity. There is absolutely no human life that is not called to this destiny. Therefore, no life which God has created should be denied the opportunity of sharing in the goal for which he or she has been created.


Our society introduces great confusion in this regard, for it looks at things from a utilitarian point of view. We try to determine the purpose of things or people based on our ideas or worth and usefulness. The result is that some people are deemed to be unproductive, unimportant, and therefore, unnecessary.


As a result, our civil laws and our society justify the suppression or even elimination of those people, all because they deem those lives as serving no useful purpose for the world in which we live.


Such an approach, trying to look for purpose from our human way of understanding, is the wrong one. We have to begin with God. We cannot truly know our purpose, or that of any other human life, apart from God.


This is the truth we are invited to recognize in the gift of human life and the purpose that each life has. Through those who seem most insignificant or most weak, God shows forth his glory and love in a remarkable way by using them to accomplish his remarkable deeds.


How many women, when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, have been told that it is no big deal to have an abortion, inviting them to consider just their own selves and see abortion as an easy way out in order to secure their future?


Thanks be to God that many of those women have chosen to look at their situation from God’s perspective, trusting that God can and will bring a great good out of their circumstances, especially as they embrace the most sacred gift of human life.


How many women have been told to end their pregnancy because the child in their womb may have a developmental disability and that it would be the compassionate thing to do, both for the mother and the child, not to be subjected to such a difficult life?


Thankfully, many couples have rejected such lies and welcomed the gift of life. In doing so, they have found what a great blessing those children have been, and how their purpose in life has been anything but insignificant.


Let us pray, then, that our hearts may be enflamed with a greater love for the gift of all human life and that we all may be instruments of spreading that love throughout our society. Being ambassadors of love and mercy is at the heart of God’s purpose for each of our lives.


May we live with this purpose in mind, building a culture of life and love, recognizing that “every life is worth living” as we draw closer to our goal of eternal life.


May God give us this grace. Amen.


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