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Despite Mr. Obama’s ‘engagement,’ Cuba continues its repression…


(CUSA) – Political theater that promises more money for more oppression.


Forcing this solution only emboldens the powerful to take more for themselves to the further detriment of a people. —Ed.



(WaPo) – The Communist regime has not changed, and a U.S. embassy won’t help—


IN ANNOUNCING the reopening of the U.S. embassy in Havana, President Obama said “nobody expects Cuba to be transformed overnight” by his policy of “engagement.”


That’s just as well because in the first six months of Mr. Obama’s normalization of relations with the Communist regime, most indicators of human rights on the island have moved in the wrong direction.


Since December, there have been more than 3,000 political detentions in Cuba, including 641 in May and 220 on Sunday alone, according to dissident sources. Most were accompanied by beatings; at least 20 detainees required medical treatment in May.


After Cuba was invited for the first time to the Summit of the Americas in Panama, regime thugs attacked the civil society activists who also showed up…


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