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Exploiting Christians: The dirty wars in the Middle East…


(CUSA) –  Aleppo is a martyred city.  “We are under bombs every day,” said the Chaldean bishop Antoine Audo to Agenzia Fides.  People want to flee but want to get an education too despite the danger:


I think many Christians will flee from Aleppo and seek shelter in the coastal area, but they will do it when schools and universities close, after the exams.


In the disaster in which we live, even this year schools and universities remained open in the central districts of Aleppo. Many still believe that studying is important for the future although one lives in a city that seems to have no future.


This is not just a religious war but a political one as well. The anti-government rebels are also targeting Christians:


Three weeks ago heavy attacks were carried out by armed anti-government groups against targeted districts where Christian Cathedrals are concentrated and then also against Suleimanya district, home to many Christians. Perhaps the intention was just to impress international public opinion and justify military responses.


They have done everything to present this conflict as a religious clash between Christians and Muslims, or between Shiites and Sunnis. Christians, however, are the most defenseless group, they have no weapons, they are afraid.


It makes sense to exploit religious division to gain power:


Certain slogans and certain driven interpretations only serve to hide the real reasons and the real dynamics of the war. There are those who want to divide the whole area into small sectarian entities, as they tried to do in Iraq, in order to continue to dominate everything.


So if the U.S. is arming anti-Assad rebels, we are also arming Christian persecutors. This is the foreign policy of cowardice that prefers death to truth and political gain to religious freedom. —DNW


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