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Francis: Don’t forget salvation is a gift…

(CUSA) – Love is not based on getting paid back.


Once we learn it is based on the gift of self we will fulfill God’s will. —Ed.




Brothers, and Sister,


“Woe to you, scholars of the law! You have taken away the key of knowledge. You yourselves did not enter and you stopped those trying to enter.” Those were Jesus’ words from the Gospel of Luke.


The key is of the gratuity of salvation, of that knowledge. The scholars of the Law took away the key of God’s free gift of salvation, because they thought that by respecting all the commandments one could be saved, and anyone who didn’t do just that was condemned. In this way, they limited God’s horizons and made the love of God into something very, very small.


Instead of a love based on retribution, If I say ‘I love you’, but I have a personal interest behind it, that is not love, that is self-interest.


This is why Jesus said ‘The greatest love is this: to love God with your whole life, with your whole heart, with your whole strength, and your neighbor as yourself. Because this is the only commandment which is up to the heights of the gratuity of God’s salvation.


The source is love; the horizon is love. If you have closed the door and taken away the key of love, you will not rise to the heights of the gratuity of salvation which you have received.


Do I believe that the Lord saved me gratuitously, freely? Do I believe that I have done nothing to merit salvation?

Let us ask ourselves these questions only in this way will we be faithful to this merciful love: the love of a father and a mother, because God also says He is like a mother with us; love, expanded horizons, without limits. And let us not be fooled by scholars of the Law who limit this love.

Translation from Vatican Radio


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