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Gay Marriage Still Doesn’t Exist, No Matter What the Supreme Court Says…


(CUSA) – This will not perhaps change many minds but it is good to remind the rest of us that reality is not something we make up either by ourselves or with the help of legal courts. —Ed.



The Supreme Court is wrong. It’s pretty simple. They’re wrong. They’ve been wrong many times in the past, and seem to be wrong with an increasing regularity these days.


They were wrong yesterday when they announced that the federal government can offer Obamacare subsidies even though the law expressly gives that power to the states.


They were wrong two years ago when they decided that the federal government has the right to force American citizens to buy a product from an insurance company. They were wrong 40 years ago when they said mothers have a constitutional right to murder their children.


And they were wrong today when they took out their magical magnifying glass and found, perhaps transcribed in microscopic code on the fibers of the Constitution, a mysterious entitlement to homosexual marriage…


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