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Gnosticism: With Bruce Jenner’s “identity” a 1900 year-old heresy returns!…




In justifying the transformation that he has undergone, Jenner consistently says something along these lines: “Deep down, I always knew that I was a woman, but I felt trapped in the body of a man. Therefore, I have the right to change my body to bring it in line with my true identity.”


Notice how the mind or the will—the inner self—is casually identified as the “real me” whereas the body is presented as an antagonist which can and should be manipulated by the authentic self.


The soul and the body are in a master/slave relationship, the former legitimately dominating and re-making the latter.


This schema is, to a tee, gnostic—and just as repugnant to Biblical religion as it was nineteen hundred years ago.


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