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God has dreams: He wants to walk with you in peace —but it’s your choice…


(CUSA)- Tuesday was the date on which the Church commemorates the birth of Mary.


All Christians are called to be humble and close to their neighbors as taught in the Beatitudes.


We need to become like little children in order to enter the Kingdom of God as God reconciles and brings peace in the little things of everyday life.






Brothers and Sisters,


But He also does this by accompanying us. Did our Lord want to bring peace and reconciliation today with a magic wand?: Whoosh! – That’s done! No!


He set out to walk with his people and we heard this passage from Saint Matthew’s gospel: This man fathered so and so, this other man fathered so and so, this other man fathered so and so……but it’s a bit boring, isn’t it? It’s a list: but this is God accompanying us!


God walks with all of humanity, the good people and the evil people because in this list there are saints and there are criminal sinners as well. There’s so much sin here. But God is not frightened by this: He accompanies us. He walks with his people.


By walking with us, God helps to increase the hope of his people and their hope in the Messiah. God is dreaming of beautiful things for his people, for each one of us.


The people were dreaming of freedom. The people of Israel had this dream because they had been promised that they would obtain freedom, peace and reconciliation. Joseph dreams. Joseph’s dream is a bit like a summary of the dreams about all the history of God’s walk with his people.


But it’s not only Joseph who dreams. God has dreams. God our Father has dreams and he is dreaming about beautiful things for his people, for each of us because He is our Father and like a Father He is thinking and dreaming about the best for his children.


Although God is great and all powerful, he teaches us to carry out great works and bring peace and reconciliation through the little things. He also teaches us to dream great dreams and to aim high.


When we commemorate the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, let us implore the grace of unity, reconciliation and peace.


But always walking and being close to others, as we were taught in the Beatitudes, in Chapter 25 of St Matthew’s gospel and with great dreams. And let us continue, now, commemorating our Lord in the ‘little things’: a little piece of bread, a little bit of wine … in the little things. But everything is contained in these little things. There’s God’s dream, there’s his love, his peace, his reconciliation, there’s Jesus: He is all of this.


Translation from Vatican Radio


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