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Home schooling surges 62% in 10 years…

(CUSA) – This is great news and a not unexpected response to the rise of indoctrinating government schools.


Since we know how the state abhors homeschooling, we fully expect that there will be a new and more aggressive assault on the family as homeschooling continues to grow. —Ed.



When Christina Banks, a Catholic mother of four, decided with her husband to educate her children at home instead of at the area’s Catholic school, they cited a variety of reasons.


“The first one would be to have them get an individualized education that meets the needs of each student; the second was that we were drawn to a classical curriculum; and the third would be flexibility in time with family,” said Banks, a resident of Fredericksburg, Va., who added that her elementary-age children went back and forth between home education and Catholic school over the past few years before they settled on home education.


Home schooling has experienced massive growth in the United States for more than a decade.


The face of the home-education movement has also changed. Fewer parents now attribute the need to give religious instruction as the driving motivation behind their choice, with more parents such as Banks citing home schooling’s educational benefits as the reason they are turning to the nontraditional method.


According to the most recent data available from the Department of Education, the home-school movement has entered into a new era, with a more mainstream face.


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