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iPhone 6 release recap and observation: Free markets work…


(CUSA) – Providing products that people want at prices they are willing to pay is the hallmark of the free market system.


When it works so well, as in the case of Apple, the critics are desperate to find chinks in their armor of success.


However, they are completely off-base in their assessment because their foundation for success is not truth but envy or a political agenda.


In this review, Danial Eran Dilger gives us a recap of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus releases and points out the anti-Apple anti-success politics engaged by the critics.

Last year, the media’s collective handwringing and bad-mouthing of iPhone 5c desperately attempted to bizarrely spin buyers’ overwhelming preference for the higher end 5s as some sort of problem for Apple, rather than simply being evidence of strong demand for high end iPhones—something that rival Android makers are not seeing.


Despite these attacks, Apple continues to succeed although look for more criticism to come.

The new 4.7 inch iPhone 6 feels only slightly larger than Apple’s current iPhones, thanks to its slim profile and rounded edges, while the 6+ initially feels quite monstrously large. While it can fit in a standard front jeans pocket, it might feel too big for dress pants or a jacket breast pocket.


Of course, when iPhone 5 arrived it seemed quite large too, in comparison to the original 3.5 inch iPhone display, which debuted and long served as the largest mainstream phone.


In 2008, Samsung internally called Apple’s original iPhone “monstrously large” and observed that many users would want something smaller.


We would also note that the pre-order sales of these phones have shattered records and even ATT has expressed amazement at the sheer number of orders they have received.


Apple free market HealthCare anyone? —DNW



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