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Jeannie Gaffigan is a Model for Modern Women…


(CUSA) – We’ve posted on the Gaffigans before and they are worth watching. —Ed.




The Jim Gaffigan Show debuted on July 15, proving that the public is interested in the daily mishaps of a father of five who hates hot pockets and loves bacon.


Despite Jim’s steady rise to popularity in recent years, fans knew little about his wife except that she was a “Shiite Catholic” who could “get pregnant looking at babies.”


Until now.


The New York Times featured the elusive Jeannie and millions discovered what a quiet powerhouse she is.


She wrote, edited, produced, and helped create the Jim Gaffigan Show, down to the “crumbs on the table”—while taking care of their five children in a two-bedroom Manhattan walk-up.


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