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Key to worldly success: Overconfidence and self-deception…


(CUSA) – Genuine humility bears fruit in the people around you.


Self-deception may help you ascend the ladder of success but will do little for your spiritual health and nothing for those with whom you have a daily opportunity to witness to truth.


David Disalvo at Forbes writes about this phenomenon from an observational perspective and simply calls it “infuriating:”



Overconfidence. The word itself is irritating. Knowing that it often works is infuriating.


We’d prefer to believe that it, like pride, will reliably trip and stumble its way to a predictable fall and clear the path for those with level-headed confidence—gilded with humility—to ascend the ladder. But that (infuriatingly) isn’t how it always or even usually goes.


Psychology research has often asked why that is, and churned up a few possible answers. A study from 2012 concluded that even when overconfidence produces subpar results, its charm still wins the day.


We might expect someone with more confidence than ability to underperform when pressed.


The study tested that expectation and found it more or less accurate – but also found that it really doesn’t matter.


Overconfidence may not shine when objectively tested, but it has a knack for seducing people to such a degree that they ignore the results in favor of keeping the golden child on a pedestal.


If you had to isolate why, it seems to come down to a matter of status—a commodity that overconfidence is expert at creating and nurturing.


When managed well, the social status conferred by overconfidence has an aura just shy of magical, capable of keeping our attention diverted from measurable results.


Disalvo identifies the problem but offers no solution. He speaks about concealing measurable results but even merit is easily overcome with charm and deception.


Judging the merit of someone’s actions has become less important than rewarding them for existing. This is not God’s way. He looks at the talent you are given and judges by what you do with it, for it came from him in the first place.


Unlike a writer for Forbes, we have the liberty to say what the source of genuine humility and therefore truth is, namely, Jesus Christ.


There is no self-deception allowed when you stand before the seat of judgment. You will be judged upon your actual merit, not worldly success. —DNW




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