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Modern American debate —”You’re a bigot on the wrong side of history…”


Americans find it increasingly difficult to consider the positions of their political opponents.


“I disagree” has been replaced too often with “you are a bigot” or “your beliefs show your hostility toward what is true and good.”


Such an observation may be considered the beginnings of yet another call for false “moderation,” in which both sides of a debate are told, in essence, to “split the difference” in the name of peace.


Generally, this call to moderation is issued by liberals pressing conservatives to accept the fundamental outlines and presuppositions of a liberal program in exchange for some minor, temporary limitation on its extent (e.g., letting teeny-tiny businesses have a waiver—for now—from various regulations that are a bad idea for everyone)…


On college campuses “trigger warnings” and other policies positively aim at preventing consideration of hot-button issues. Even in public life one risks one’s livelihood if one speaks out on the “wrong” side of an increasing variety of issues.


What is happening, of course, is that brute force is replacing reasoned argument.


And one important reason for that is the fact that Americans no longer value engagement in reasonable debate as a good thing. Victory for “the good” has increasingly become the only valuable thing in public life.


One who is “on the right side of history” should not, after all, be detained by arguments from bigoted losers…


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