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Palace Intrigue —Global Left’s Machiavellian Misrepresentation of the Pope Is Failing…


(CUSA) – In a nutshell this is what we have been saying for years. Thousands of posts confirm it. Those who believe the pope is a South American Marxist are power hungry Leftists.


Some conservatives buy this as well but from years of reading their comments on Francis it doesn’t take long to peal off the thin layer covering extreme personal animosity for the Catholic Church.


The real concern for the conservative Catholic is the liberal bureaucracy in the Vatican which has an agenda of its own and in need of suppression. Pray. —Ed.





There has not been this kind of palace intrigue at the Vatican since the 1500s. Foreign potentates are making a power grab, trying to seize the moral authority of the papacy for their own, secular ends…


In public comments, for months, officials such as Jeffrey Sachs and Ban Ki Moon from the UN, and lay leaders such as Margaret Archer at the Vatican, have been telling the public the pope believes it is time for radical regulatory action on the environment.


The pope’s forthcoming encyclical, they say, will come down hard on the wicked polluters, and his moral clarion call will be further articulated in public addresses to the U.S. Congress and UN General Assembly this fall. Stifling, universal environmental regulations will have the papal imprimatur.


If God is with the Left, who can be against them, right? Wrong.


The secular Left’s attempted hijacking of the pope’s environmental encyclical is clearly failing.Instead of Pope “CheGuevara, their hoped-for environmental revolutionary, the Left is being forced to see the real Pope Francis, apparently for the first time.


Based on his public statements thus far, the pope comes down on this issue as a fairly standard preacher on ecology and the environment, very much in the tradition of the church and of his immediate predecessors, John Paul II and Benedict VXI, or St. Francis of Assisi, his papal namesake, for that matter.

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