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Pope Francis: Marriage must safeguard uniqueness of man and woman…


(CUSA) – In our search for “equality” we abandon uniqueness and complementarity. We also abandon covenant and reciprocity for selfishness and ego.


The result is a society that treats marriage like a commodity instead of a vocation. —Ed.





Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Continuing our catechesis on the family, we recall God’s creation of man from the ground. He is placed in the garden, where he is to care for creation.


Yet God sees that man is alone, and so he creates woman, someone complementary with whom man can share his life.


Man and woman are created to live a life of reciprocity, to enter into a covenant together. Yet sin introduces discord into their relationship, lack of trust and suspicion.


We see throughout history the fruit of this sin, especially towards women – oppression, violence and exploitation.


Most recently, this mistrust and scepticism has led our culture to disregard the marriage covenant between a man and a woman, that covenant which deepens communion and safeguards the dignity of their uniqueness.


When the stable and fruitful covenant between a man and a woman is devalued by society, it is a loss for everyone, especially the young.


For all our sins and weaknesses, our vocation is to care for the covenant of marriage.


It is a vital and energizing vocation, through which we cooperate with our heavenly Father, who himself always cares for and protects this great gift.


Translation from Vatican Radio

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