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Religious Freedom Wins Out in North Carolina…


(CUSA) – Conscientious objection used to be a darling of the Left. Now it is forbidden—except in North Carolina where freedom is rearing its head, at least for a while, by the house overriding the governor’s veto.


I expect this is temporary and even if not, future employees will be “vetted” to make sure they are pro-gay marriage.


Maybe in the name of equality we should have marriage vending machines. Here’s the story:



On Thursday, the North Carolina House of Representatives voted 69–41 — just over the three-fifths majority needed — to override Republican Governor Pat McCrory’s veto of a religious freedom bill that would allow magistrates and register-of-deeds workers who assemble marriage licenses to opt out of servicing same-sex weddings on the basis of a “sincerely held religious objection.”


Not much else to it. If you want to see the reaction by the angry Left go here: Truth Revolt

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