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Technology and liberalism: The goal is to smother what it cannot control…


(CUSA) – Daniel Greenfield identifies the corruption of governmental power which seeks the control or destruction of all human creativity.


His conclusion about what makes modern liberalism strikes at the heart of the dysfunction:


The left wants technology only as a means of achieving its utopian visions. The technology itself is push button; it means nothing except as a means to an end. The regulator is not thrilled by the incredible ingenuity it takes to link together the world, just as the comet means nothing to him. The technology either serves his political goals or it does not. It lives under his regulations or it does not.


To the left, skill and ingenuity are just forms of unchecked privilege. The only achievement that matters is power over people. The revolutionary exploits technology, but his revolution is that of the regulator, his machine is collective; its ultimate design is to end ingenuity and abort progress. His communication is not a dialogue, it is a diatribe, and his vision of the internet is only meant to be open until he can close it.


The technological vision of the Democrats is just the same old central planning in a shinier case.


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