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“The Silencing —How the Left is killing free speech…”


(CUSA) – We all know this to be true but when a liberal writes about the issue it isn’t just a problem of political jousting.


Eric Metaxas talks about Kirsten Powers’ new book which has her making new enemies. —Ed.




The illiberal left wants journalists fired for not holding the “correct” positions on hot-button social issues.


They complain of feeling unsafe and uncomfortable in class if their professors teach the wrong authors or use the wrong phrases.


They charge all same-sex marriage opponents with bigotry and try to shut down their businesses.


They claim that pro-life women aren’t really “women” at all, and can’t be trusted to vote the right way on “women’s issues” or anything else.


In short, the illiberal left’s answer to everything that doesn’t fit their narrow worldview is “Shut up.”


Demonization and dehumanization are their tools, and they wield them every chance they get.


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