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Trump and the media: Business as usual —but with a key difference…


(CUSA) – We have been watching the Trump phenomenon and in this short piece, Jeffrey Lord shows why Trump retains support despite withering criticism from every direction. —Ed.




Is it any wonder that in today’s world the base of the GOP looks at all these anti-Trump stories and sees nothing more than, to borrow from Justice Clarence Thomas (himself a target of one of these episodes) the latest high-tech lynching of an uppity conservative?


Is it any wonder that Rush Limbaugh looked at all of this and was alone in correctly predicting that while all the media and GOP elites were predicting the end-of-Trump as a result of his McCain comments, in fact the base of the GOP understood exactly what the real game was and would rally even more strongly to Trump?


No, it isn’t.


So the Trump surge continues.


And without doubt, the realization that now — as it once was for Barry Goldwater, George Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney (and yes, that’s only a partial list — there are others with names like Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle, Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon, the aforementioned Clarence Thomas etc., etc., etc.) — so too will it now be for Donald Trump.


The difference this time? Donald Trump fights back — which is exactly what makes his fans cheer him on.


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