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U.N. washes hands of Syrian refugees —cuts aid to 450,000…

(AgenziaFides) – The UN funds earmarked for Syrian refugees in Jordan are about to be cut, and soon 450 thousand of them will be starving, with devastating consequences for the stability of the Hashemite Kingdom.


The alarm is launched in these hours by Wael Suleiman, director general of Caritas Jordan.


“The UN World Food Program warned a week ago that, due to the lack of resources, will stop sending funds for Syrian refugees, which already decreased in percentage last month.


“Yesterday the Jordanian media gave news that, unless we get more money from the UN, the distribution of food to 450 thousand people will be stopped. This means they will be forced to steal if they want to survive”.


The Syrian refugees present on Jordanian territory are currently one million and 400 thousand, of whom only 650 thousand registered at the UN offices. “This catastrophe – said Suleiman, in reference to the suspension of international aid – is also an effect of policies and reckless military interventions made in the Middle East of foreign Powers.


“Now, after having contributed to the disaster, they wash their hands even from a humanitarian emergency point of view. It is obvious to everyone that only a big peace conference could start reconstruction processes to try to get out of this situation, unsustainable from an economic point of view.


“But obviously there are those who have an interest in perpetuating this chaos. Money is there not to feed refugees, but always only to build, sell and buy weapons”.


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