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Why Moms and Dads Both Matter in Marriage…


(CUSA) – Despite the losing public battle on the need for the procreative complementarity of parents for the best nurturing of children, the truth of how kids thrive doesn’t change.


This is why God planned it this way—not as an obstacle but for genuine happiness and the expression of love. —Ed.




Mothers and fathers are not interchangeable—they both add distinct benefits to the development of children. Courts and legislatures can change legal definitions, but they cannot alter biology or psychology.


In [every] developmental area, the natural complementarity between mothers’ and fathers’ parenting strengths is surprisingly precise.


Whereas mothers are biologically prepared to nurture, teach, and provide care that is especially important for foundational development, fathers are predisposed to take a facilitative approach to parenting, fostering self-reliance, achievement, and healthy peer relationships in ways that are particularly important especially as children begin to transition to adult life.


Both mothers and fathers are needed to create life, and both are needed to best facilitate the nurturing of that life.


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